Architect Galua: Situation in Lake Mainit in danger

Surigao City – “Danger, danger, I personally as a Doctor of Sustainable Development, it is not clear whether the test but prove better for there is “scientific evidence “, the piece’s interpretation Architect / Dr. of Sustainable Development Rey D. Galua when asked to Centro Daily News if he see the danger Lake Mainit against its destruction.

Rey D. Galua, whose a private practice of his profession, age 42, resident of Brgy. San Roque, city Kitcharao and current President of the Council of the Manobo Tribe (KSTM) where it is known as “Datu Sugod”, the struggle led to complaints about states decay today in Lake Mainit and destruction of some mountains. Was cited Galua Greenstone Resources Corporation (GRC) which gave an acidic said Lake Mainit because the outflow of waste disposal that causes a presence of death in certain fish.

The statement Galua’s got it during a face on it and institutionalize the Greenstone at the office of the NCIP Surigao City, on December 07, 2016.

But Glacy Moral, HR / ComRel Manager of Greenstone, said the media group that they violated because their company Environmental Compliant Standard mandate it all and the law recognizes that it is followed. Further disclosure Moral’s not true with chemicals flowing out of their operations because their strict implementation process which was “state of the art” its implementation.

Further disclosure of Moral of this moment they have mining operations located in Brgy. Siana, within the municipality of Mainit and the plant is located in the town of Tubod, Brgy. Pongtod Alegria town, while they have also made Exploration to Brgy. San Pedro Alegria, both in the province of Surigao del Norte.

Reactions also Galua alleged “state of the art” processing of waste disposal in the mine, said it was easier to just describe it but must follow according to the area (Lake Mainit), which was passed on wastewater polluted because if acceptable to the discharge of water this why there are dead fish and why that happened to have “Low Dissolve Oxygen”, the boot means that there is a shortage of air in the water.

Galua said, that his personal vision of becoming a “Low Dissolve Oxygen said the presence of chemical” Cyanide “. “Cyanide” mokunsumo Oxygen causes less or fail utterly.

Galua’s challenge to really see the true better make the DENR and ocular inspection with independent expert to examine the condition of the water to really see the true results.

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