Capsized motor banca at the seawaters of Brgy. Day-asan

On July 9, 2017 at about 6:00AM, Mr. Henry Jol Lumpay Acedera, 37 years old, married, male, government employee, and a resident of Purok-5, Brgy. Togbongon, Surigao City personally reported to Surigao City Police Station informing that on July 8, 2017 at about 6:00PM, there was a capsized motor banca at the seawaters of Brgy. Day-asan, Surigao City, killing two (2) minors identified as Hiendrich Kym Garcia Acedera, 7 years old, male, and a resident of Purok-2, Brgy. Poblacion, Sison, Surigao del Norte, and Ivelrose Ferry Padel, 6 yrs. old, student, and a resident of Sitio Panobigon, Brgy. Lipata, Surigao City, whose cadavers now lies at St. Peter Funeral Homes and Aldonza Funeral Homes, respectively.

​Personnel of Surigao City Police Station led by PSINSP ARNEL A MAGDADARO, immediately proceeded to the said funeral homes and conducted investigation. As averred by Herbert Jun Lumpay Acedera, father of Hiendrich Kym, they were on board said motor banca going to Brgy. Day-asan proper when it accidentally capsized resulting to the drowning of the said minors.

Further, at about 10:50PM of same date, Mr. Roel Añura Macalolot, 48 years old, married, owner of the capsized motor banca, and a resident of Purok-4, Brgy. Day-asan, Surigao City, together with his motor banca operator named Frodie Ambio Lubrio, male, and also a resident of aforesaid place , arrived at the police station and disclosed that at around 6:00PM of July 8, 2017, Frodie Lubrio (Operator) docked the said motor banca in the cottage to load passengers bound for Brgy. Day-asan proper. However, while the passengers including the two (2) minor victims were already onboard , allegedly, a certain Paul Balabala, who was under the influenced of liquor repeatedly dived into the sea ignoring several warnings of Frodie Lubrio and his companion to stop diving. Suddenly, the said person stood up on the motor banca’s right outrigger locally known as “katig”, that made the motor banca to flipped over and capsized.

Source: JoJo Ferol

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